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Nantahala & Cataloochee Districts Appletree Camporee & Cub Scout Field Day (Friday, Oct 27th - Sunday, October 29th, 2017) (Celebrating the 41st Year) Contacts: Dave Hotchkiss (828-644-3372) (Cub Field Day Chair) ([email protected]) Lloyd Swift (Event Chair) ([email protected]) Robert Garrett (414-331-0699) (Assistant Scout Executive) ([email protected]) James Hulgan (423-443-9181) (Field Director) (Council Contact) ([email protected]) Phil Keller (828-361-0611) Nantahala District Commissioner) Friday, October 27th 5:00 -7:30pm Troops/Packs check in, set up camp & evening meal. 8:00pm Cracker Barrel: SM, SPL's & Event Leaders (Discuss layout of field events, scoring and schedule) 10:00pm Taps & lights out Saturday, October 28th 6:15 - 8:45am Revile, breakfast, striating up campsites & set up assigned field day events. 8:15 - 9:30am Parking & registration for Cub Scouts. Cubs check in at parking lot. (Notes: Make sure Pack & Rank are recorded on Registration Form. Collect ($6) Registration fee (boys & leaders) and A & B Medical Forms 9:30 - 9:45am Opening Ceremony at flag pole (Flag/pledge, prayer & announcements) Saturday Morning Field Events We will have (4) major field event stations for the Cub Scouts. They will be judged "individually" by rank with First/Second/Third award ribbons given out in the afternoon. Boy Scouts will execute and help judge these events. Webelos & A.O.L. ranks will compete together for both morning and afternoon round robins. The (4) morning round robins will be (25) minutes each with a (5) minute travel time between. 9:55 - 10:20am 10:25 - 10:50am 10:55 - 11:20am 11:25 - 11:50am

Round Robin #1 - (Tug-O'War). Round Robin #2 - (30 yd Dash - Tigers/50 yd Dash - Wolf and up). Round Robin #3 - (Gymnastics). Round Robin #4 - (Animal Walks).

Troop Assignments & Equipment Needed (4) Boy Scout Troops will have to select the Round Robin of their choice. Their choice needs to be cleared with our stand-in DE, James Hulgan, in the Council office. Each Cub Scout rank group will have a clipboard with them with all of the boy’s names and a score sheet to record the First/Second/Third place winners. A detail explanation of each of the stations will be available at the Cracker Barrel on Friday evening. An early copy will also be available from James Hulgan or Dave Hotchkiss. Detail items needed are listed below.

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(Tug-O'War) station. Equipment needed: Rope, method to mark ground (binder twine, tent stakes, Flagging tape). Troop #298 has first dibs. (30/50 yd Dash) station. Equipment needed: Timer, stop watch, whistle. Field will be pre-marked with start and finish lines. (Gymnastics) station. Equipment needed: Tarp to roll on, beam to walk on, pole with tape measure with an (8 ft) length attached for the high jump, chalk or masking tape to mark high jump. (Animal Walk) station. Equipment needed: Whistle. Field will be pre-marked with start and finish lines Saturday Lunch (12:00 - 12:30pm) Cub Scout & parents will bring bag lunches and drinks. Bottled water is also suggested as it will be an active day with service projects. Caps and sun screen are suggested. Boy Scout Troops will bring their lunch & prepare & eat in their campsites. We urge troops to plan ahead on all of their meals (referring to schedule as needed.) Saturday Afternoon Round Robins Each pack in the Nantahala District will be asked to select a Cub Scout Rank to develop (4) (20) minute round robins (Adventures) based on that rank in their handbooks. We will work with each pack to develop a "Progress Record" for that rank. Once the Cub Scouts complete the round robins, they will be given credit on these forms & Cub Masters will receive these in their closing packets. The presentation of the (4) round robins is really a "total" of (80) minutes distributed to the (4) parts as desired by the leader(s). 12:40 - 1:00pm 1:05 - 1:25pm 1:30 - 1:50pm 1:55 - 2:15pm

Round Robin #1 Round Robin #2 Round Robin #3 Round Robin #4

Pack Responsibilities: Tigers Wolfs Bears Webelos/A.O.L.

Pack #_____ Pack #_____ Pack #_____ Pack #_____

Notes: Cataloochee District Packs will pair their leaders up with the selected leaders above to help with presentation and record keeping. We will supply clip boards & record sheets to each pack to record attendance and completion of the "Adventure". Please have one leader from each pack be responsible for turning in score sheets at the end of the activity. We will have folders set up for each pack to pick up at the end of the day with all of the scout’s accomplishments listed so you can go back and record them in their handbooks. There will be no special awards for completing these Adventures other than what is done at home in pack meetings.

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The difference from past years is that the Boy Scouts do not determine the Saturday afternoon activities. However, they can help the Cub Scout leaders execute their plan. 2:30 - 3:30pm Service Projects (Cubs/Boy Scouts/Leaders) Here are lists of tools/items (Please mark them) that will be needed for units to bring: Saturday (all) - gathering/disposing of leaves: Work gloves Tarps/large plastic/old sheets Blower (gas powered) Leaf rakes Sunday - (All campers): Fire pit cleaning Camp shovels Metal buckets Garden rakes Plastic garbage bags Bathroom cleaning/supplies/Windex Bucket/broom Long rubber gloves Toilet brush Old cleaning towels Paper towels Note: Be sure to keep track of your unit service hours and data and post in the (JTE) system. 3:30 - 4:15pm Cub Scout awards from morning competitions Dutch Oven treats 4:30pm

Cub Scouts head for home.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------4:30pm 5:30 - 7:30pm 8:00pm 11:00pm

Boy Scout Tug O'War (sign ups Friday night at Cracker Barrel) Free time/Supper/Clean up Camp wide campfire (Patrols are welcome to participate with a "Scout appropriate" skit/song/cheer. TAPS - LIGHTS OUT!!! (No activity outside of tents. NO FIRES!!!

Sunday, October 29th 7:00 - 9:00am Reveille, breakfast (no fires) start camp site breakdown and clean up if you cook breakfast, please use camp stoves. We recommend a continental breakfast 9:00 - 9:20am

Church service.

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9:30 - 10:30am

Break troop campsites & pack gear.

10:30 - 11:30am

CAMPWIDE CLEAN UP (all)! Checkout with Camporee Chief. HAVE A SAFE TRIP HOME!

Cub Scout and Boy Scout Registration Information: Cub Masters & Scout Masters, please review this material with your parents & leaders at a unit meeting prior to APPLETREE. Each youth and adult, including parents, MUST turn in a Parts A & B Medical Form at check in. Your leader will get them back at check out. Registration deadline for all units is Monday, October Council office with cash or check for unit. If you have additional participants that arrive Saturday, they can pay at the event. Scouts must check in prior to the beginning of the morning rotations. Cost per participant (youth & adult) is ($6) which includes (activities, program supplies, awards, commemorative round patch with small "rocker" patch with year on it). If you have the previous round patch all you need is the date "rocker" year patch. Please make sure that you include all information needed on the registration form (incl. rank & age of Cub Scouts). Cub Masters, please have parents "car pool" if possible to save parking space. Make sure that parents have directions to the camp and sign in at the parking lot. If they arrive after the start of the morning program, they must check in at the pavilion. Code of Conduct The Code of Conduct for all participants is the Scout Oath and the Scout Law. Parents, Den and pack leaders are responsible for their scouts at all times. No exceptions! Two Deep Leadership Each Pack/Troop is required to furnish enough leaders for their units and to have two-deep leadership at all times. Do not depend on Camporee Staff to watch your scouts in your place...unless it is an emergency situation. Boy Scout Involvement at APPLETREE Camporee Scout Masters...please review the schedule & list of activities with your Troop so you and your Scouts know what is expected of them prior to the Camporee.

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Senior Patrol Leader Needed! Scout Masters - If you have an "experienced" SPL that you approve to help serve as the SPL for the Camporee/Field Day, please let Dave Hotchkiss & James Hulgan know by Monday, Oct. 23rd. His name & contact information (phone Number & e-mail ID). We need to contact him before the Camporee. His duties include: • Working with one of his own patrols in conducting the Saturday a.m. opening Flag ceremony • Responsible for keeping time for both of the morning and afternoon Round Robins & gives the rotation signal. • Help the adult staff with the Saturday afternoon service projects. • Help with the Dutch Oven Cook-Off Saturday afternoon • Help distributing the ribbon awards for the Saturday morning round robin winners around (3:30pm). • EMCEE the Saturday night campfire program. Work with James Hulgan. • Help adult staff with Sunday a.m. service projects.

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Make Checks Payable to:

Daniel Boone Council, BSA For: Appletree Camporee/Field Day Acct#: 317

Please Sign up Pack/Troop#_______________ District_______________ (Circle 1 please) Our Pack Will Be Camping Friday Night Our Troop Will Be Camping Friday Night Boy Scout Fall Camporee – October 27-29, 2017

Saturday Night Saturday Night

Both Both

or (Circle one) Cub Scout Field Day – October 28, 2017

Registration fee for all Cub Scouts/Boy Scouts/Boy Scout Leaders is ($6.00) This fee covers Appletree patch (or rocker) and awards for Cub Field Day as well as program supplies. We Do Not Supply any meals (except Cracker Barrel for SM’s, SPL’s and Event Leaders on Friday night.) Cubmasters and Scoutmasters, Please complete the form below so we will know how to prepare for Saturday’s events. Thank you. Leaders, if you have any Cubs & Parents (or Boy Scouts) that show up individually on Saturday (that are Not on this from, they Must Pay their registration fee & sign in/turn in medical forms prior to taking part in activities. We realize there will be Scouts arriving later due to ballgames, but they MUST CHECK IN “NO EXCEPTIONS”! Thank you for your participation in this event at Appletree Group Campground. Serving Scouting every year since 1976. Cub Scout, Boy Scouts or Leader

Total Adults____ Total Youth____


Age/Rank (for Cub Scouts Only)

Paid $6

First Time Appletree Yes/No

Camping Day or Time Only?


Unit Leaders Siganature______________________Phone#_______________Email_______________________ (Use additional forms if Needed)


Nantahala & Cataloochee Districts Appletree Camporee & Cub Scout

Page |1 Nantahala & Cataloochee Districts Appletree Camporee & Cub Scout Field Day (Friday, Oct 27th - Sunday, October 29th, 2017) (Celebrating the 4...

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